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What does Sclerotherapy treat?

Treat your small dilated superficial veins with Dr. Nayyar’s expert touch. Sclerotherapy is an in-office, minor procedure, and it is highly effective for treating small dilated superficial veins.

  • Cosmetic elimination of spider and varicose veins
  • Relief of aching, swelling, or burning
  • Relief of cramps and other painful conditions

How does Sclerotherapy work?

Dr. Nayyar will inject a solution directly into the targeted veins that ensures undesired veins scar away by forcing the vascular system to reroute itself. The collapsed vein disappears, and is reabsorbed by the body.

The treatment is followed by a post-injection compress.

The number of injections required depends upon the surface area to be covered.

Is Sclerotherapy right for you?

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nayyar to determine whether you may be qualified to undergo this procedure.

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