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Dermatologist St. Petersburg

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Service you can trust, treatments you can count on

At Dermaclinique, we combine cutting-edge technology with clinical excellence to deliver individualized care in a boutique practice setting. Every person is unique and deserves his or her own customized approach to skin care and aesthetics, and at Dermaclinique, we aim to help you stand out with exceptional and natural-looking results when it comes to your wellness and cosmetic goals.

Our state-of-the-art office provides a complete spectrum of dermatologic services, ranging from medical and cosmetic dermatology to skin cancer surgery, hair restoration, and hair transplant services. Specializing in advanced techniques such as follicular unit transplantation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and cutting-edge laser treatments, our team, led by Dr. Priya Nayyar, focuses on providing compassionate patient care in a thoughtful and comprehensive setting, making us one of the premier dermatologists St. Petersburg has to offer.

Meet the Experts

Experience. Expertise. Quality Care.


Dr. Priya Nayyar, a New York City trained board-certified dermatologist, fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, and esteemed expert in hair restoration and hair transplants, is widely regarded as a leading authority in the field of dermatology, including Mohs and cosmetic surgery. Renowned for her medical acumen, surgical precision, and discerning eye for beauty, Dr. Nayyar is dedicated to delivering the most groundbreaking and advanced procedures in dermatology and hair restoration to her patients in an ethical and compassionate setting.


dermatologist St. Petersburg


Dr. Randy Tang is an established and highly skilled Board-Certified Dermatologist with over 12 years of experience. He attended college at the University of Pennsylvania where he received a dual degree from both the Wharton School of Business (Finance & Health Care Management) and the Nursing School (BSN). He then received his medical degree from Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey where he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. After completing his intern year in Internal Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, he completed his Dermatology Residency training at Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital.


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Doctor Nayyar recently teamed up with 10 Tampa News regarding hair loss and COVID-19.

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Why you should choose Dermaclinique for your hair restoration needs

Dermaclinique stands at the forefront of hair restoration, providing exceptional services under the expert guidance of the esteemed Dr. Priya Nayyar, a premier hair transplant surgeon renowned for her expertise and innovation. Specializing in cutting-edge techniques such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Bio-Sapphire hair transplants, Dermaclinique is committed to restoring confidence and natural beauty through personalized solutions tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

Dr. Nayyar’s meticulous approach and advanced transplant techniques, including FUT for maximum graft survival, FUE for minimal scarring, and Bio-Sapphire for enhanced follicle vitality, ensure optimal results in addressing thinning hair, receding hairlines, or hair loss concerns. The clinic’s emphasis on state-of-the-art technology, combined with Dr. Nayyar’s unparalleled skill, fosters a nurturing environment where patients embark on a transformative journey toward regaining lush, natural-looking hair. Dermaclinique’s dedication to excellence in FUT, FUE, and Bio-Sapphire hair transplants, along with Dr. Nayyar’s expertise, make them a trusted destination for those seeking top-tier and innovative hair restoration services.


Reclaim the confidence you deserve

The field of hair restoration has witnessed remarkable advancements, offering tailored solutions to address a variety of concerns related to hair loss and thinning. Whether you seek to restore a full head of hair, address receding hairlines, or enhance overall hair density, our comprehensive range of treatments ensures natural-looking and transformative results.

At Dermaclinique, we specialize in cutting-edge hair restoration techniques, including follicular unit transplantation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and advanced laser treatments. Dr. Priya Nayyar and our dedicated team will collaborate with you to create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your specific hair restoration goals. Experience the rejuvenation of your hair and confidence as we strive to provide the most effective and compassionate solutions for your individual needs.


Get the look you desire, for the life you lead

The cosmetic industry has boomed over the recent years, with several treatments opening the gateway to revitalized skin. These treatments cater to your every need to give you natural-looking results and radiant skin. Whether you’re looking to minimize symptoms of aging, adjust cosmetic imperfections, or simply maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, there are solutions for almost any issue.

At Dermaclinique, our cosmetic treatments include Botox, injectables such as Juvéderm, Restylane, and Volbella, Silhouette InstaLift, lip lift and CO2 laser resurfacing. Dr. Nayyar and her team will work with you to find a customized treatment plan for your specific needs.


The treatment you need, by experienced hands

Skin cancer can happen to anyone at any stage in life, and on any part of the body. Skin cancer primarily develops on areas of sun-exposed skin but it can also occur in skin that is not exposed to the sun. Dr. Nayyar has trained extensively in the treatment and management of high-risk skin cancers. She is an outstanding surgeon and has a fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery.

As a highly acclaimed Mohs surgeon, Dr. Nayyar has the experience, knowledge and training to ensure the highest cure rates and best cosmetic outcomes for her surgical procedures.


Beauty, easily accessible and always at your reach

Many patients have struggled with acne, eczema, excessive hair growth, or other skin conditions for years without finding effective treatments.

At Dermaclinique, we diagnose and treat patients of all ages.  Dr. Nayyar attends and participates in conferences regularly to keep ahead of any new treatments in dermatologic conditions, thus implementing the most up-to-date treatment regimens available.  She takes her time to perform thorough full-body skin checks on patients to detect abnormal moles or early skin cancers. Dr. Nayyar is specially trained in the use of dermoscopy to characterize pigmented lesions so she can better determine whether a lesion is suspicious for skin cancer.  This leads to fewer unnecessary skin biopsies.

Dermaclinique is unique as we expertly diagnose and treat a complete spectrum of skin conditions, such as rashes, hives, fungal infections, rosacea, and warts in addition to providing an array of surgical and cosmetic services. Anything you need regarding cosmetic dermatology in St. Petersburg can and will be addressed at the Dermaclinique office.


Why you should choose Dermaclinique for your aesthetic needs

There are several boutiques, clinics and medical centers that can provide all the services that we do. They may also offer these services at a lower price. What makes us better than them? How and where do we stand out?

At Dermaclinique, we believe in providing the highest quality of care to all our patients. We understand that our patients need specific treatments, and we make sure that we meet their expectations with the utmost care and diligence. While most other clinics provide limited skin care services, we cater to all problems related to your skin including signs of aging, infections, acne, eczema, rosacea, warts and even skin cancer.

When you choose Dermaclinique, you are choosing to be treated by a board-certified surgeon who has performed thousands of successful procedures including Mohs surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, and other cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Nayyar embodies a strong passion for dermatology and truly enjoys the art of aesthetics every day, and she can arguably be called the most skilled St. Petersburg dermatologist.



Dr. Nayar is the ultimate best in town. I have been to a few others in town and there is no one else like her. She sits down and actually explains everything to you. Her staff is super sweet and her office is absolutely beautiful and so clean. I am so happy with my new Dermatologist.

I've bounced around to a few dermatologists due to the fact I wasn't getting results. I absolutely love Dr. Nayar and that she really sits down to consult with you. I wish I could go to her for all my health concerns; her bedside manner is the best I've ever experienced.

Dr. Nayyar seems to really care about me as a patient and addressing my concerns. Her office is beautiful and clean. She’s helping me reduce the appearance of a scar on my face and I’m very impressed with our progress so far. Thanks Dr. Nayyar and Team!

Beautiful office, This was my first visit and I needed a full body check. Dr. Nayyar was friendly and very thorough with her exam. I would recommend her.

This is a fantastic practice. I have been to several dermatologists in Tampa and St. Pete over the past 10 years. Dr. Nayyar is a highly skilled and knowledgeable surgeon, and light years ahead of anyone else in the Tampa Bay area. The office is clean, well done and the entire staff is terrific. Highly recommend.

Dr. Nayyar is an amazing Dermatologist. She cares about her patients by taking time to listen to our needs and explaining in detail the treatment options for your condition. I highly recommend Dr. Nayyar for your skincare needs.

Dr. Nayyar is the most caring, thorough dermatologist. Her new offices are beautiful!

Dr. Nayyar was helpful to put my mind at ease, I was very nervous but she was professional and kind. Kindness is important to me in a doctor.

There is no competition, she is just great at what she does.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nayyar. She is professional, personable and proactive. Her office staff members are friendly and helpful. I'm grateful to have discovered Dermaclinique!


Dermaclinique is now proudly serving the people of Clearwater, FL with our second office location! Learn more about our expert dermatology services here.

Helping you achieve your cosmetic & wellness goals

We are a dermatology center named Dermaclinique, founded by Dr. Priya Nayyar and located in St. Petersburg, Florida. We also service Tampa as well as the surrounding areas. We offer high end medical, surgical and cosmetic services to our patients, including Mohs Surgery to address skin cancer. We are very focused on our patients’ needs and experience. We provide the best standard and ethical care to all of our patients. We utilize cutting-edge technology within a beautiful office setting to deliver the services you need. Some of our many procedures include Botox, dermal fillers, Silhouette InstaLift, hair transplantation, and CO2 laser resurfacing. Whether you have concerns about your skin’s health or you want to enhance your looks, we feel confident in saying we are the best place to address all of your dermatological needs.

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